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Pom Balls/Hair Poms


                                            POM BALLS    

A "no handle" lightweight pom of narrow or wide strands.  Available                        
 in 4", 5", 6" and 7" length strands.  Great for youth, fundraisers, practice
 or creative routines.  Available in all pom colors.
          Narrow             Wide 2               Wide 2                3 Color
          Solid             Color Plastic     Color Metallic    Wide/Narrow Plastic
        Narrow 2            Narrow 2        Wide Plastic          2 Color
     Color Plastic     Color Metallic     Solid              Wide/Narrow Metallic

                                              HAND POMS

      Hand poms have a soft elastic hair band that can easily be attached to
      the hand or wrist as shown.  3" hand poms are can also be used as a
      pony tail pom.  They're great for performances and competitions where
      a secure pom is needed.  Available in all pom colors. Can also be used
      as a hair pom.
       Narrow          Metallic         Metallic          Plastic
         Solid       Wide/Narrow      2 Color          2 Color
       Narrow        Metallic          Plastic           Metallic
       Plastic         Narrow            Wide             3 Color
      2 Color         2 Color            Solid        Wide/Narrow


                 HAIR POMS                                               SHOE POMS

A 4" diameter pom of 3/16" wide                    A 4" diameter pom of 3/16" wide
strands that attach to your hair with               strands with a plastic twist tie
a narrow elastic "pony-tail" band.                  secured firmly in the center so they
Available in plastic and metallic.                     can be attached to your shoe.
HAIR POM & SHOE POM : minimum 12 pieces per order or color



          12 piece minimum/color & order
     Plastic   - 1, 2, or 3 color                  5.25
     Metallic - 1, 2, or color                     8.75
     Holographic                                    11.25
     Metallic + glitter                              9.95
     Plastic + glitter                                6.95
     Wet Look  (3/4' wide only)               5.25
     Lazer                                              15.25


             HAIR POMS & SHOE POMS
     Plastic  1 or 2 color    4"                 1.95
                                         8"                2.95
                                        12"               3.95

     Metallic 1 or 2 color   4"                3.00
                                         8"               3.75
                                        12"              4.50